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Share. Earn. Get Paid.

Join the Moss and Crown Brand Ambassador Program to represent our brand and earn 20% on each sale made using your link! Wear our tees, post pics of yourself rocking your Moss+Crown apparel and share your link to build your customer list. Sales are tracked easily and we pay out every 30 days! 

1.Ambassador promotes M+C on social media
2.Potential customer clicks on the posts
3.Customer orders at Moss and Crown
4.Ambassador receives commissions



What is the Moss and Crown Brand Ambassador Program?
Our Brand Ambassador Program is designed for people who love Moss and Crown and want to be brand ambassadors by signing up to receive customized links that you can share on social media. Each time one of your contacts click on your link to shop from our site, you earn 20% of their purchase total ( before tax and shipping).

Who can become a Brand Ambassador?
Anyone who loves Moss and Crown can become a Brand Ambassador! We're looking for people who are stylish, outgoing and active on social media to be Ambassadors for our brand and earn money while doing it.

How does the program work?
Once you sign up, you'll be given a customized code to share with your contacts. When someone makes a purchase from clicking on your link, your account will be credited with 20% of their purchase total (before tax and shipping).

How are purchases from my link tracked?
When someone clicks on your custom link, uppromote uses cookies to track their shopping activity. We track each individual custom link and code for each brand ambassador to track their sales and customer orders. 

How do I receive my commission?
When you sign up, you'll be directed to connect a PayPal account to your Ambassador account or a debit card of your choice. You will also be given access to a dashboard where you can keep track of your earnings. Your commission will be paid every 30 days directly to your PayPal account, debit card or given as store credit, whichever you prefer!

Where should I share my customized link?
You can share your custom link on any social media account or via email. Always post personal text with your link to encourage shopping. You can get custom links to the Moss and Crown website, as well as to individual products.

How will I know when new product is available?
You can check the New Arrivals page daily, and be sure to sign up for the email newsletter to be notified of new arrivals or collections coming soon with Moss and Crown!